3 ways Bluehill Universal help you save time


To improve the performance of Instron compressors, Bluehill Universal offers three new tools to assist:

  • QuickTest: allows new or expert to start a test in seconds  
  • Operator Dashboard: streamline organization and user-friendly design    
  • Instron Connect: brings Instron’s support closer than ever  

The first is not to mention the QuickTest    

Engineers always expect an accurate and reliable result. And it’s no more frustrating than having to write the whole method to test a prototype or to get an idea of which load box to choose, if you can’t remember it because of occasional use.

So how can you do the test with the right parameters, is the sample size wrong? Don’t worry, Bluehill Universal not only includes many pre-written methods for application-specific tests, but also includes QuickTest.

QuickTest allows you to perform a quick test set with just a few basic parameters, making it ideal for casual users or for high-load tests. In addition, the parameters will be automatically saved from the last QuickTest version. Without QuickTest, a user will often have to go through at least 11 different screens of the modal tab to enter the same information.

This allows you to get quick results in a fraction of the time needed to write a full method. How to do the following:

  1. Enter priciple test: tension or compression
  2. Enter speed test: up to maximum frame

Minimum requirements are as follows:

Chỉ cần chạm vào nút “Start” và thử nghiệm sẽ bắt đầu. Khi tải được áp dụng, một biểu đồ bắt đầu vẽ đồ thị và màn hình trực tiếp hiển thị dữ liệu được ghi lại. Khi xảy ra lỗi, một trong những màn hình trực tiếp sẽ hiển thị tải tối đa. Khi thử nghiệm hoàn tất, khi chạm vào nút “Finish“, các kết quả đã chọn và đầu ra dữ liệu thô được kích hoạt.

The second tool saves you time and test space that is the Operator Dashboard    

Have you ever considered how much room a traditional desktop and monitor room takes? Depending on the system you are using, Bluehill Universal Dashboard can save 15 – 55% of the desktop space. This means that if you replace between two and three desktop systems with the Operator Dashboard, you can install an additional machine into the saved space.    

Operator Dashboard helps optimize the testing process for Instron material strength testing machine system    

The final we want to show is Instron Connect    

Instron continually strives to improve customer experience and Instron Connect is an important new part. Instron Connect is a powerful communication platform that brings our support engineers closer to your tools and organizations.

Vậy Instron Connect hoạt động như thế nào?

Instron Connect monitors the status, operating parameters and configuration of Instron machines in your facility – of course only with your permission. It does this through a software-based monitoring agent integrated in your Instron test system. The agent is fully controlled by you, can securely communicate with Instron Connect cloud server. With this secure connection, you can receive timely software update notifications and calibration reminders.

In addition to, if you need to diagnose problems on your system, you can choose to provide access to a Instron support engineer to diagnose the remote system via screen sharing with audio capabilities. Remote integration. After being diagnosed, the problem can be corrected immediately, as in the case of necessary software updates or other configuration adjustments.

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