3D breast prosthetics for breast cancer patients

Tim Carr – has found inspiration in his 3D printing to design a revolutionary new prosthetic device that has been the breast prosthetics since his wife suffered from breast cancer.

Along with his colleagues, he used 3D printers and 3D scanners to innovate a personalized breast prosthesis to accommodate a breast removal person due to breast cancer. This will make them feel more comfortable and authentic than using replacement parts.

The problem with these prostheses is that many women say that they feel uncomfortable. And those parts also do not have a lifespan, they must be replaced after a certain period of use. This means that breast cancer survivors not only face costly payouts for future replacement parts, they also face the threat of organ-based confidence. transformed.

Tim Carr and his company developed a solution to solve these problems. Using a 3D scanner to obtain detailed images and the size of the upper body, 3D printers can reconstruct a fake breast appropriately, comfortably for women naturally.

In addition, 3D-printed prosthetics both inside and outside are printed to ISO standards for optimal comfort and longevity. This material is extremely durable, elastic and tear resistant. They are designed to last for more than 4 years before they are replaced.

3D printed breast prosthetics provide the comfort and longevity that other types of fake breasts do not have

During his fight with breast cancer, Fay Cobbett had to remove one of his breasts. And she decided to wear the fake breast after the surgery, but she struggled to feel comfortable wearing the existing fake breast inside her bra. But later, she realized that wearing fake breasts made her feel uncomfortable and heavy. In the end, she chose not to wear that “breast”. She and Tim Carr set out on their journey to search for adjustable, lightweight and wearable breasts. As owners of a 3D printing company, the couple began to explore how they could innovate on their own with the help of this new technology.

Along with his colleague Jason Barnett, Carr developed a custom prosthetic breast based on a woman’s personal 3D scan. It is specially designed with a soft core inside, with the ability to cast into the body without gaps or pressure points like the current fake breasts. Outwardly they developed using ISO-standard silicon, which increases the durability and longevity of the breasts. And one important thing is that the cost is cheaper than the existing ones. All bring long term comfort in both quality and price.

Affortable with 3D printing

Breast prosthetics must be replaced due to their nature is an integral part of a woman’s body. Without 3D printing technology, the fake breast models are dominating with high cost and low life expectancy, easily damaged. This leaves women with the constant cost of replacing them to continue using them in good condition.

Along with improved comfort and wearable, a fake breast is currently priced at around US $ 408. In addition, with a longer lifespan, a 3D breast is even more affordable due to the reduced frequency that they need to be replaced.

Currently this product is only available in New Zealand, but given the advancement in prosthetic technology it provides, it is expected to become more widely available in the coming years.

Resource: AZO Materials

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