Universal Testing System Series 6800

Manufacture: Instron
SKU: INS 6800

6800 Series universal testing systems range in capacity from 500 N to 300 kN and provide exceptional performance with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Offering up to 5 kHz data acquisition and 0.5% accuracy down to 1/1000th of load cell capacity

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Universal testing machine Instron series 6800 with load force from 500N to 50kN, is designed for testing bending, compression, tensile, peeling, splitting,... with high reliability and accuracy. The system collects data up to 5 kHz, with an accuracy of 0.5% down to 1/1000 times the load cell load.

Series 6800 is divided into 2 series:
1. Single-column testing system


Load force (kN)

Weight (kg)












62 (E1), 67 (E2)

E1: standard height (mm)

E2= E1+270 (mm)

2. Benchtop 2 column 6800 test system


Load force (kN)

Weight (kg)



139 (E1), 154 (E2)



139 (E1), 154 (E2)



196 (E1+F1), 215 (E2+F1)

453 (E1+F2), 471 (E2+F2)



255 (E1), 278 (E2)

E1: standard height (mm)
E2= E1+530 (mm)
F1: 420 mm;
F2: 947 mm

3. 6800 floor model series:


Lực tải (kN)

Khối lượng (kg)



799.2 (E1), 860.9 (E2)



871.5 (E1), 1921 (E2)

 Application: for all bending, compression, tensile, peeling, separating,...materials such as fabric, paper, steel,... The system is suitable for hundreds of types of clamps, jigs and fixtures. as accessories available from Instron.
With specific configurations, the 6800 series is designed to suit most typical tests for the biomedical, automotive, electronics and raw materials industries. As with Instron's range of innovations, material testing systems are gradually being integrated with Bluehill Universal software using the Dashboard, touch-sensitive control panel.
The control panel is designed with large icons, large touch points to help new users easily control them. This plays a big role in optimizing testing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary errors.
Outstanding features of the Instron 6800 system:
- Quick-test: when you need quick results, QuickTest allows users to enter a few simple parameters and run the test within seconds.
- Pre-Loaded Templates: Bluehill Universal includes an extensive library of preconfigured methods for some of the most commonly used ASTM, ISO and EN standards.
- Methods are encapsulated in modules specific to your test application. Workflow: Users can be guided through the entire testing process with step-by-step instructions, ensuring that their tests remain repeatable, simple, and error-free.
- Auto Positioning: Positioning automatically saves the correct fixture separation start position for each test method. This ensures all users run each test exactly the same way on all shifts every day.
- TestProfiler: Build simple cyclic tests. The 6800 series universal compressors are intelligently designed to meet customer test requirements.
The 6800 Series can be expanded to include a digital input/output channel and up to 11 sensor conditioning modules to ensure compatibility with advanced accessories and external devices. When testing on the 6800 frame, you can collect synchronized data at up to 5 kHz with tunable bandwidth to never miss a test event.
At the same time, the system is also designed to be safer for users. New to the 6800 series is a handheld controller - a handset that controls the system's operation, which is mounted directly on the test frame.
Users can use the phone in its docked or undocked position.
- Customizable soft keys
- Virtual interlock
- Adjust running speed
- Precise positioning
- Sample protection