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Manufacture: Instron
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Automated material testing allows a new test space to be created. This system is designed as a solution to common problems such as safety, throughput, performance

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Automated material testing system allows a new test space to be created. This system is designed as a solution to common problems such as safety, throughput, operation,...
Automated testing systems as a turnkey solution, compatible with existing Instron equipment. In addition, it is compatible with optional accessories to adjust throughput requirements and test operations. The unique modular design of the automated test system provides the extensive control and handling capabilities needed to meet a wide range of applications. Standard systems are available for the following application areas: rubber tensile and tear strength, tensile and ductile strength, thin film tensile strength, metal tensile strength and component testing.

Instron's automated test systems include:
1.AT2 XY Stage Automatic Testing System
The AT2 XY Stage can be installed on any new or existing 5900 and 6800 universal test systems to automatically test the compression, strength and flexural of devices or components with multiple test points. or more parts with repeat test scores. These systems are widely applied in the biomedical and electronic industries to inspect a wide variety of materials, devices and components.
By using the AT2 XY Stage System, the test piece is automatically repositioned so that each element can be tested without the need to reassemble the sample. In addition, initial alignment is critical for successful testing, this system provides the ability for quick and repeatable results, including applications such as insertion and withdrawal testing or bend testing exactly.
The versatility of the automated system allows it to adapt to test multiple specimens, devices or components.
• Test method: compression, tensile, bending
• In biomedical testing for: syringes, vials, pharmaceutical drugs, springs
• In the field of electronics: keyboards, touch screens, small electronic devices
2. Automatic test system AT3 and AT3+
The AT3 Automated Testing System uses an innovative three-axis design for automatic tensile testing of plastics and other lightweight materials. Smaller than the AT6 robotic system, the AT3 offers a simple and compact solution while maintaining high throughput and accuracy.
The AT3+ automated testing system expands on the AT3 system, providing automatic bending, as well as tensile, testing of plastics and other lightweight materials by adding an additional motion axis.
Applications of the AT3 and AT3+ systems: perform tensile, flexural and compression tests on rigid plastics, elastomers, films, foams and sheet metal.
Test Standard: Meets the test requirements of ASTM D638 and D790, ISO 527 and 178, as well as other testing standards.
The AT3/AT3+ Automated Test System is equipped with an enclosure to isolate the system thus enhancing safety by keeping the operator away from the test area and improving ergonomics by eliminating Eliminates most of the repetitive motions associated with high-volume manual testing.
• Before loading samples into the chassis, the AT3 can be programmed to measure each sample with the dual axis sampler for accurate and consistent results.
• The auto sample feed feature is programmed to repeat the same actions for each sample, improving the repeatability and reproducibility of tests and results.
3. AT6 Automatic test system
The Instron AT6 Automated Test System uses an innovative design for automated tensile or flexural testing of metals, plastics, thin films, components, elastomers, sutures and composites. Complying with ISO and ASTM standards for a wide range of materials, this system has a flexible platform to provide high throughput with repeatable results for a wide variety of testing needs.
The system includes:
• Universal compactor for floor, table or single column form
• Pneumatic or hydraulic clamps
• Contact elongation or video to measure longitudinal and transverse strain
• Dedicated racks for a variety of materials
• Dual load frames for increased throughput
• Integrated third-party hardware
System features:
• Functionality and operator safety
• High working efficiency, increased testing throughput
• High accuracy and reliability: The AT6 can be programmed to measure each sample before testing with the dual axis sample meter. Automatic specimen marking allows for precise tracking while every movement is programmed to repeat the same actions for each specimen, improving the repeatability and reproducibility of testing and results. fruit.
4. 6800 series multi-station automatic test system
The 6800 Series multi-station system offers enhanced throughput with the ability to perform independent, concurrent tests on up to five (5) separate specimens using a single loading chassis.
Based on our standard 68TM-30 test frame (30 kN capacity), this system is particularly suitable where test times are prolonged due to high elongation or slow test rates. If your testing methods and expected results are similar for the specimens you are testing, this system is the ideal solution for efficient and cost-effective material testing.
This system will help laboratories keep up with the high throughput demands of high speed or multiple production lines.
The system works seamlessly with Bluehill® Universal material testing software and is capable of displaying all required probe channels on the live screen. Bluehill Universal for Multi Station also displays live charts for all test samples. Testing ends only when the appropriate criteria are met for all specimens being tested.
Multi-axis systems can include 3 or 5 conveyors. The loading frame height is also optional depending on the elongation of the material. The distance of each conveyor is 165 mm.
The multi-station system is configured for a variety of applications. Common system components are shown below, but can be configured for many different applications.
• Instron 68TM-30, ultra-wide multi-station chassis with total load capacity of 30 kN
• Static force sensor
• Pneumatic clamps and related attachments
• Operator control panel with Bluehill Universal material testing software with appropriate test application module and multi-station options.
Improve efficiency and increase throughput:
• Single system to handle the testing needs of 5 systems
• Conveniently set up multiple tests to increase productivity
• Simultaneous and synchronous data logging
• Automatic calibration on all channels
• Easy-to-use Bluehill Universal Test Controller Software
• Automatic Sample Measurement Device (ASMD)
5. 9400 series test system:
The Instron Drop Tower 9400 series was developed to deliver faster results, fewer errors and lower training costs for customers who are under pressure to deliver higher quality cutting edge materials for stronger products but lighter.
This is achieved by simplifying the workflow, providing pre-configured tests and prompts, streamlining data and exporting it for analysis, and providing enhanced capabilities with high-speed video. altitude and more.
System features:
• Easier with Bluehill Impact software: The dashboard has large touch points to make the user experience simpler and smarter. Easy-to-understand icons and workflows make it easy to train new or experienced users, simplify operator training, and let you start testing even faster than before.
• Smarter: flexible results analysis, easily share test methods and results within your company or directly to your customers using the management system; Automatic alarm is generated when Tup calibration time is running out. Increase your characterization data with the use of a high-speed camera, when using a high-speed camera you save time by not having to move accessories when changing specimens or inspection methods ,...
• Safer: Built-in safety circuit, test results are always kept, enhanced security
• High test performance