Pneumatic cutting press machine for rubber and plastic

Manufacture: Elastocon
SKU: Elastocon EP

Pneumatic cutting press machine for rubber, plastic is fast, convenient and accurate

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Sample cutter machine series EP prepares tests with plastic and rubber materials

1. Pneumatic cutting press EP 02:
The EP 02 is a compact air compressor that prepares test samples with plastic and rubber materials in the laboratory. The machine is mounted on a rubber base without needing to be attached to a table. In addition to rubber and plastic materials, the EP 02 cutter can also cut materials such as cloth, paper and similar materials.
The EP 02 machine has a cutting force of up to 25 kN, can quickly change the die cutting system, when cutting curled or uneven samples, the user can use the EP 04.04 guide.
EP 02 includes the following options:
- Pneumatic cutting press – EP 02;
- 2 cutting hooks – EP 02.01
- Guide bar – EP 04.04

2. Manual cutting press EP 08
- Similar characteristics to EP 02 compression circuit breaker, but the cutting force of EP 08 is only up to 10 kN.
- Include:
 + Pneumatic cutting press – EP 08
 + 2 cutting hooks – EP 08.01
 + Guide bar EP 04.04

3. Rotating knives EP 03
The EP 03 sample cutter is used to prepare samples for compression and abrasion tests. Samples are cut from test panels or from finished products.
- EP 03-16 – Rotating knife with a diameter of 16 mm (ISO 4649 standard)
The rotating blade is manufactured of special hardened steel, used in stationary drills for soft base materials, materials that are lubricated with ethanol or propanol during sample preparation. Knife size: - EP 03-10 – Rotating knife with a diameter of 10 mm - EP 03-13 – Rotating knife with a diameter of 13 mm (ISO 815)
4. Die-cutting template EP 04
Produced in both standard and special shapes.
Can be mounted on EP 02 and EP 08 cutting presses.