Knee Wear Simulator

Manufacture: Prosim
SKU: Prosim KWS

Knee Wear Simulator operates according to strict standards

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The Prosim Knee Wear Simulator (Independent Stations) is a multi-station machine designed for the reliable and repeatable testing of knee implants, providing designers and developers of replacement knee joints with a cost-effective and accurate means of generating wear and friction data under realistic in-vivo simulated conditions.

The Prosim Knee Wear Simulator (Independent Stations) was:
- Designed and built a simulator that fully meets the requirements of both ISO 14243-1 (2009) and ISO 14243-3 (2004) - - Capable of going well beyond existing ISO requirements for adverse wear testing
- Each station fully independent and capable of running its own demand waveforms
- Capable of replicating deep knee bending Incorporating soft tissue virtual springs

- Up to six knee implants can be tested simultaneously
-  Five independent axes of articulation for each station
-  Single load axis per station
-  Each station equipped with a six axis loadcell Load soak incorporated into each station
-  Simple user programmability of any articulation/load cycle
-  Operating frequency of motions programmable up to 2.0 Hz
-  Capable of running programmed sequences of walking, jogging, running and periods of rest
-  Test fluid temperature is maintained at 37°C ±2°C
-  Axial loading of up to 5kN per station
-  Up to ± 90 degrees of programmable motion on the flexion extension axis Up to ±15mm of programmable anterior posterior translation
-  Up to ± 30 of programmable motion on the tibial rotation axis
-  Up to ±10 of prgrammable motion on adduction/abduction axis
-  Up to ±10mm of medial/lateral translation
-  Able to run both force and displacement control
-  Can incorporate deep flexion bending
-  Easy to use
-  Windows operator screen
-  Realtime logging of position and load allows instant verification of test cycle
-  Clinically and physiologically representative testing