Gauze Mask Air Resistance Tester MP01

Manufacture: UTS

Gauze Mask Air Resistance tester MP01 is operating according to GB/T 32610, GB 2626

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Gauze mask air resistance tester used for measuring inhalation and exhalation resistance of mask under specified conditions.

Standards: GB/T 32610, GB 2626
1. High-definition color touch screen.
2. High precision imported differential pressure sensor.
3. two high-precision imported digital flowmeter, separate control breathing flow accuracy.
4. Two modes of breath detection and inhalation detection can be set.
5. The automatic switching device of breathing apparatus pipeline solves the problem of wrong connection when the tester pulls out the tube.
6. Standard head mold, simulating breathing tube.

1. Model: MP01
2. Range of the flowmeter: 0~100L/min, accuracy 3%
3. Range of the differential pressure gauge: 0~1000Pa, accuracy: 1Pa
4. Pumping capacity of air pump: ≥100L/min
5. Printer: miniature thermal printer
6. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz, 650W
7. Overal dimensions: 675x600x1000mm
8. Weight: 50kg