3D Polymer Printer model P396

Manufacture: EOS

3D printer of EOS P396 polymer printer is one of the 3D polymer material printers with a speed of 32% faster and 38% energy saving

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The EOS P396 3D printer is one of the plastic printers with 32% faster speed and 38% savings in energy consumption. With a total size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm, the EOS P 396 covers an average print space.
This highly productive and modular system enables toolless production of serial components, spare parts, functional prototypes and models directly from CAD data. Compared to its predecessor, the EOS P 396 consumes approximately 38% less power and is up to 32% faster.
One of its advantages is its superior production cost. The EOS P 396 handles thermoplastics on an industrial scale. To some extent, newly developed hardware and software make the EOS P 396 more efficient. This cuts both the cost per job and the component cost.
Reproducible and constant ingredient quality
- The new EOSAME feature regulates the energy input and thus ensures the quality and enhances the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts across the entire print space.
- Optimized temperature management reduces production cost processing time and improves process stability. High working efficiency
- Print progress is 15% higher than the established EOSINT P 395 (depending on sub-load and part design). This significantly reduces component costs.
- Increase accretion rate with more powerful 70 W laser.
- 60% reduction in non-production time due to thermometer termites.

- Construction Volume: 340 x 340 x 600 mm (13.4 x 13.4 x 23.6 in)
- Laser Type CO₂, 70 W Precision Optics F-theta lens, high-speed scanner
- Scan Speed up to 6 m/s (19.7 ft/s)
- Power Supply 400 V / 32 A, max. power supply 16 A
- Power Consumption typical 2.1 kW; maximum 10 kW
- Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,840 x 1,175 x 2,100 mm (72.4 x 46.3 x 82.7 in)
- Recommended Installation Space ca. 4.3 x 3.9 x 3.0 m (169.3 x 153.5 x 118.1 in)
- Weight ca. 1,060 kg (2,337 lb)
- Software PSW 3.8, EOSCONNECT Core, EOSCONNECT MachinePark,EOSCONNECT (open interface OPC-UA, Web API), Smart Scaling