EOS introduces one million diode LaserProFusion AM technology for polymers

EOS continues to drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM) and will present its newest solutions at this year’s formnext. With LaserProFusion, EOS introduces a revolutionary technology for polymer additive manufacturing: nearly one million diode lasers melt the material, building up the part layer by layer. This build process is so productive that it can

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What role is the additive manufacturing to 3D printing?

Before finding out what role accretion production plays in the 3D printing industry, what must be known as “accretion production”?   Additive Manufacturing, AM is the process of manufacturing products based on a three-dimensional digital design. Other names of AM include rapid prototyping, digital production (direct digital manufacturing), gradual production, cumulative manufacturing, … AM is

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What are the advantages of the additional torsion test system for the Instron 5900 series?

The additional torsion system is simply designed, increasing the capabilities of your lab – allowing you to expand product development and simulate real-world applications of the product. For many international standards, such as ISO 11040-4, ISO 80369 and ASTM F543, both shaft and twist control are required, allowing you to consolidate the necessary equipment and

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