What are the advantages of the additional torsion test system for the Instron 5900 series?

The additional torsion system is simply designed, increasing the capabilities of your lab – allowing you to expand product development and simulate real-world applications of the product. For many international standards, such as ISO 11040-4, ISO 80369 and ASTM F543, both shaft and twist control are required, allowing you to consolidate the necessary equipment and

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Installation the universal testing machine Instron 5967 with peeling test for large samples

The universal testing machine Instron 5967 perform tensile, compression, beside perform bend, peel, tear, puncture, creep, and cyclic tests on all raw materials and finished goods. This system uses Bluehill Universal Software. Bluehill Universal is our newest static testing software, built from the ground-up for touch interaction. The new portrait layout, with its meticulously crafted

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