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Signal Conditioners – Meggitt

Meggitt provides a wide range of high-performance signal conditioners, ranging from simple devices such as batteries to control computers, laboratory devices.

The Endgear Meggitt controllers support voltage, provide a thermal sensor, Isotron (a type of voltage) and a thermal sensor. The controller Meggitt provides is used in many applications such as vibration, shock, high temperature; nuclear testing; structural analysis, motion simulation, nuclear power, electronics, transportation, …

1. Application Meggitt controller in vibration test, shock:

– Included models: 123, 126, 133, 136, model 2775B, 428, 433, 436, model 482B, 4990A-2, 4990A-3.

– Specifications model 123:

  • Three-channel PE/IEPE signal conditioner
  • 230 kHz bandwidth (±5%)
  • Optional HP and LP filters for each channel
  • Gain calculation
  • Gain range from 0.00 to 999.9
  • Download Datasheet

– Specifications model 126:

  • 200 kHz (-3dB corner)
  • Programmable logic voltage.
  • Included Accessories: EW599, EJ724-U (QTY 3)
  • This is a 3-channel DC power amplifier with microprocessor designed for use with accelerometers with different outputs or with pressure transducers. It has the ability to adjust the variable gain, the parallel resistor calibration and the multiple gain level setting.
  • Download datasheet

2. Application in motion simulation:

– Included series: 2771, 2721, 2771, 2777,…

– Specifications 2680 Series Amplifier :

  • Uses PE accelerometers in high temperature applications
  • Filter in front panel
  • This is the voltage amplifier used with the pressure transducer, with a lower resistance less than 1kΩ. This model size is small, operating at ± 15 VDC, suitable for laboratory use. The amplifier has a frequency from 3 Hz to 10 kHz, separating the output signal.

– Specifications series 2777: 2777A-10-25, 2777A-02-25, 2777A-02-150, 2777A-10-25,…

  • The 2777A-XX-YY is a low-noise device that is used with a variety of thermal sensors. This controller converts the sensor transducers from high impedance to low impedance. Output ramp is integrated to produce an alternating current with low frequency.
  • The device is low noise, frequency response from 10 Hz to 10 kHz, DRCC operates at temperatures between 5 ° F and 185 ° F (-15 ° C to 85 ° C).

3. Application in electronics:

– Included series: 2680B, 2680M, 2271B, 2793, 428,…

– Specifications series 2793:

  • Operates in the frequency range from 1Hz to 30KHz
  • The 16-channel modulator is a voltage amplifier for the ISOTRON acceleration sensor and voltage converter. It can also be used to switch RCC remote controllers in a high impedance measurement system

– Model 428: Two-channel high-gain signal conditioning card mounted on a rack; Used with piezoelectric (PE), Isotron accelerometer and RCC remote control. The Ac output can be amplified or automatically reduced.

– Signal Card  433:3 channels, signal controller for PE / Isotron, bandwidth : 150 KHz . The Model 433 has 10kHZ differential, via the Butterworth filter. Optional corner frequencies from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz, 10Hz to 80 KHz, according to model 31875-XXXX.

4. Application in safety testing:

– Signal Controller 126 is a 3-channel amplifier controlled by a microprocessor, 200 kHz band, self-programmable, and selectable independently for each channel.

– Model 136 controller is a 3-channel DC amplifier, using LED display panel, 200 kHz bandwidth.

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