Operating systems of ClimaCORR® test chambers:

  • Salt spray
  • Condensation (with controlled condensation)
  • Optional: Kesternich (fully automatic)
  • Ventilation room air (with Air-flow Konstanhaltung)
  • Forced drying (warm air)
  • Regulated humidity

Options of ClimaCORR® test chambers :

  • Direct spraying of test solution (wetting)
  • Spray test solution in circulation directly in accordance with GMW 3172
  • Spray test solution with swivel tube acc. VOLVO / FORD standards
  • Fully automatic sample aftertreatment

Future-proof investment

– With ClimaCORR® (CC) technology, VLM has become the leading manufacturer in its technology industry. The nature of ClimaCORR ® is the convergence of the climate test chamber on one side and the corrosion test chamber on the other.

– As a result, the CC series has an extended temperature range, which can adjust temperature and humidity quickly and accurately

  • Operating temperature range: from ambient temperature to 80ºC.
  • Humidity: environmental humidity to 98% RH
  • Controlled, patented water condensation system (CWC)
  • Adjustable sound
  • Accuracy when adjusting temperature ± 0.5˚C
  • Accuracy of relative humidity ± 1%
  • Modular design and user-friendly interface
  • Option: fully automatic intake mode (according to Kesternich)


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