Controlled water condensation


Controlled water condensation perform according to standards: DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (CH, AT, AHT), BS 3900 , F2BS 3900 F15, ASTM D2242

Process Description 

Demineralized water is warmed to + 40 ° C and evaporated, so that automatically results in the test room, a condensing humidity of 100%. Heat is released to the outside, which falls below the dew point. The water vapor condenses on the samples.

In addition to this Constant Humidity “CH”, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 describes two variants:

  • AT (Alternating Temperature) 8 h condensate constant climate, 16 h cooling to room temperature
  • AHT (Alternating Humidity and Temperature) 8 h condensate constant climate, 16 h ventilation with room air

For performing Kesternichtests with SO2 (option), an additional exhaust valve is installed, which is closed during the condensation phase. After switching to the ventilation phase, this valve is opened. At the end of a cycle, the floor pan is emptied after opening the floor drain valve. At the start of another cycle, the floor drain valve is closed and the floor pan is filled with fresh demineralised water.

The CWC system for controlled condensation

The patented Controlled Water Condensation (CWC) control system of VLM is able to accurately control the amount of heat loss through the roof leading to accurate temperature variation of 1ºC between roof and bottom. of the test chamber.

The CWC system is a major prerequisite for achieving high repeatability of test conditions and achieving reliable test results. Moreover, the stainless steel design of condensing test cabinets and surface heaters allows high temperature conductivity and very fast heat transfer into the chamber. Water in the tank is heated quickly and evenly, leading to water evaporation on the entire surface. Avoiding unwanted air turbulence is also an important condition for a uniform water condensation.

The combination of all of the above measures for water condensation control combined with salt spray tests in a test chamber leads to high reliability in VLM test chambers such as corrosion test chambers ( Cyclic corrosion tests: CCT).

Advantages of the VLM condensation test chambers

  • High reproducibility of the test climates
  • Compact construction
  • High ease of use
  • 25% more test room capacity
  • interior lighting
  • Mikanit foil heater under the test chamber sink
  • Uniform heat transfer, fast heating rates
  • JUMO microprocessor controller with program function
  • Versatile product range on cabinets and chests
  • Speed-controlled fans for the ventilation phase

Download datasheet  Product CON 300-FL







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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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