Endevco accelerometers are used in the most demanding shock and vibration test environments.  Whether your application requires measuring DC response or high frequency bandwidth, surviving cryogenic temperatures or up to 1400˚F, sensing low frequency vibration or high-g shock, Meggitt offers a high reliability accelerometer in a variety of packages.  If you need assistance selecting the right sensor for your application, please contact us and we will help you select the best accelerometer for your test..

1. Applications Endevco accelerometers for High G/Impact/shock:

∗ Endevco Accelerometers series 2262A:

– Feature: The Endevco accelerometers model 2262A are rugged, fluid damped transducers of the piezoresistive type. Endevco’s Piezite® type P-11 semiconductor strain gage elements are used in a bridge configuration, providing a low impedance output with 10 Vdc excitation. The output is high enough to drive most tape recorders, data aquisition systems, and low frequency galvanometers directly, without amplification.

• DC response
• 1000 g and 2000 g full range
• 500 mV full scale output
• Hermetically sealed

– Accessories: 2981-12, 3022B-30, EHM464

– Typical applications for these Endevco accelerometers include transportation environmental testing and transient accelerations on structural members.

Download datasheet 2262A

∗ 701A-701F Piezoresistive Accelerometer

Model 701A and 701F are small and lightweight piezoresistive accelerometers designed for automotive crash and crush testing. These MEMS accelerometers include mechanical stops and light damping for superior ruggedness in vehicle impact applications. With a frequency response extending down to DC, these accelerometers provide the information needed to measure static acceleration as well as dynamic acceleration.

Download datasheet 701A-701F

2. Applications Endevco Accelerometer for structure analysis:

– Model 22:

  • 22-R available as replacement sensor
  • Extremely lightweight (1.14 gm)
  • Adhesive mounting
  • Ground isolated
  • Scale model, circuit board, disk drive testing
  • Included accessories: 32041, 3095A-120, 3003C attached, 32279

Download datasheet model 22

– Model 2220E:

  • Features
    • High temperature operation (260°C)
    • Miniature design
    • 360° cable orientation
    • Hermetically sealed
    • Small-motor testing, APU’s, hydraulic actuators
  • Included accessories: EH96,EHW95,3053V-120,1274
  • Download datasheet model 2220E

– Model 2221D:

  • Features
    • High output, 17 pC/g
    • Lightweight (12 gm)
    • 360°C cable orientation
    • Low profile
    • Vibration measurement on small structures
  • Included accessories
    • 3090C-120, EHM49, 2987, 10207

3. Applications for Radiation/Nuclear

∗ Included series: 2248, 2273, 2276, 2280, series 7703,…

– 2248 High Temperature PE Accelerometer

  • Features
    • Small size
    • Lightweight
    • High temperature operation (+482°C)
    • Gas turbine, nuclear applications
  • Included accessories: EH535 (QTY 2), 3075M6-120

– 2273A High Temperature PE Accelerometer

  • Features
    • Radiation hardened
    • Side mounted receptacle
    • Case grounded
    • Operates at high temperatures (+399°C)
    • Vibration measurements in nuclear and high temperature environments

    -Included accessories: 2981-12, 3075M6-120, EHM464

4. Other Applications:

– Light weight structure testing

– Machine health monitoring

– Airborne/flight testing

– Aerodynamic/wind tunnel

– Automotive design & testing

– Auto safety testing

– Turbine engine testing

– Transportation testing

Contact: sales@vecomtech.com

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