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Hardness Tester Digi Test II – Bareiss

Hardness Tester Digi Test II – Bareiss

Hardness Tester Digi Test II performs according standards: DIN ISO 7619, DIN ISO 48, DIN EN ISO 868, NF EN ISO 868, ASTM D 2240, BS 903 Part. A 26, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415, DIN ISO 27588

Digi test II – a modularized tester for Shore, IRHD and VLRH

The digi test II consist of 4 major components: the test stand, the loading module (pick-up bracket), the electronic unit and the interchangeable measuing unit for methods of Shore, IRHD and VLRH.  The highly intelligent digi test II is equiped with an electronic unit which serves as the main control of the entire system and the display of the user’s information for measuring time and method, measurement and various selectable features.

Digi Test II – Hardness testing on convex and concave surfaces

Unlike the conventional hardness testers which are limited to only flat-surfaced samples measuring, the Bareiss digi test II is making hardness testing on all surfaces possible by using the automatic surface detection technology.

Types of measuring methods of Digi Test II: Shore A, A0, 0, C, D, D0, 00, 000, 000 S, E, micro Shore A, micro Shore D, Shore AM/M, IRHD L, IRHD N, IRHD M, IRHD H, VLRH


Digi Test II is used to measure varieties of material, such as:

  • Elastomer, rubber
  • PVC, thermoplastics
  • Leather, acrylic glass, fabric,…

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