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Hydraulic Testing Machine Makron

Hydraulic testing machine Makron UT-02-XXXX is a single stand system with a single controller and hydraulic power.

Load frame with 1 T-slot slot and 1 transmission set on the locomotive. The system has a load capacity of 25-50 kN, performs static and dynamic tests flexibly. The system is easy to install and does not require any additional tools such as cooling. Just plug in the nearest 15A outlet to be able to use.

∗ Features of Makron hydraulic testing machine:

  • Up to 100Hz cycling frequency
  • Flexible operation
  • Motive generator 25/50 kN
  • Sliding set range from 50-100mm
  • Compatible with many types of clamps and fixtures
  • Use MTL friendly software
  • Single foot stand
  • Hardness of frame: 600kN / mm

∗ Specifications:

 Model  MaKron 25  MaKron 50
 Model No.  UT-02-0025  UT-02-0050
 Capacity, kN  25  50
 Column clearance, mm  400  400
 Maximum daylight, mm  700  700
 Total frame height, mm  1500  2000
 No of columns  2  2
 Weight, kg  400  400








∗ Applications:

  • Pull, compression, 3 bending points
  • Check for cracks and fractures
  • Try room temperature
  • Try at high / low temperatures
  • Tired
  • Measure damping force

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