Module Outdoor Measurement System


Module Outdoor Measurement System include: Preconditioning, Maximum power determination, Measurement of temperature coefficients, NOCT (NMOT), Performance at low irradiance, Outdoor exposure test, Hot-spot endurance test, Light-soaking, Temperature test…

1. Modules Mounting and Testing Frame

 Single axis solar tracker:

  • Can fixed 8 pcs module of 2×1m (extensible). According to the module size adjustment
  • Comparison double axis solar tracker, mounting convenienter, More suitable for testing. Tracking principle: Based on GPS timing tracking. System life expectancy for more than 25 years
  • For light-soaking, outdoor exposure, hot-spot endurance test…

Double axis solar tracker:

  • Mounting: 8 pcs modules of 2×1m (extensible).
  • Tracking accuracy:0.3°
  • Tracking angle range: The pitch direction -10°~75°and the horizontal direction -120°~120° System protection wind speed: 90kw/hr
  • System wind resistance limits: 170kw/hr
  • Tracking principle: automatic light control tracking or based on GPS timing tracking with automatic tracking and reset, manual control, group control, wind speed protection, night return…

NMOT and temperature test frame:

NMOT test modules shall be positioned so that they are tilted at 37°±5°to the horizontal with the front side pointed toward the equator. The bottom edge of the test modules shall be 0.6 m or more above the local horizontal plane or ground level.

Wind speed and wind direction Instrument installed approximately 0.7 m above the top of the modules and 1.2 m to the east or west.

Temperature test for IEC 61730 & UL 1703 also in here carry out. We provide 19mm thick wood (current standard) or a thermal insulation with a k factor ≤0.24W/m2K (IEC 61730 Ed.2) black painted wooden platform, The platform is to extend at least 0.6m beyond the module on all sides, can fast loading.

2. Electronic load and I-V measurement system

  • Analog quantity collection frequency: 100points/20ms
  • Voltage measurement precision: ± (0.025%+0.05%F.S.)
  • Current measurement accuracy: ± (0.05%+0.05%F.S.)
  • Power measurement accuracy: ± (0.2%+0.2%F.S.)
  • Single module max. test power: 750W
  • I-V measuremen: Isc, Voc, Pm, Imp, Vmp, FF, η…
  • Automatically generating and storing I-V-P curve
  • Temperature and irradiance correction reference IEC 60904.1~10.

3. Temperature test:

  • Wood 19mm±5% thick
  • Automated calculation 40°C and 1000W·m-2 normalised temperature.
  • Testing the temperature of different position in a module, and then judgeing the module Ok or False
  • Voltage, current, power test: according to IEC 60904 calibrate test result to STC by standard module. 16-channel temperature sensor: Uncertainty  1°C or better, main test Point: Front glass above center cell, Backsheet behind center cell, Ambient air within J-box, J-box inside surface, Back face sheet beneath J-box, Module output leads, Sealing compound around lamination (on the corner), Sealing compound inside junction box, Diode #1~6 case, Frame, Ambient (Absolute)

4. NOCT (NMOT) Test

  • Mechanical Wind/ Direction Sensor: Alternate
  • Software features: automated data collection and storage, not counting the invalid data, automatic calculation of junction temperature.
  • Automatic fitting temperature (TJ–Tamb) – irradiance curve, based on standard deviation selected out of 10 effective data, and optimize the curve.
  • Irradiance, temperature, wind speed and direction automatic data collection, without invalid data, automatic calculation cell initial and final NOCT temperature.

Measurement of temperature coefficients

Automatic calculation component 3 or 4 points average temperature (IEC 61853 and IEC 60891) Temperature rising process, automatic fitting curve, automatic calculation of relative and absolute temperature coefficient.

Performance at low irradiance

Irradiance, temperature according to the IEC 60904-10 measurement and amendment I-V measurement

Outdoor exposure test

Irradiance cumulative dose: 60KWh·m-2 with maximum power tracking (MPPT)

Hot-spot endurance test

  • Valid data collection (1h): 900~1100W·m-2@50±10°C (module temperature)
  • Current measurement in different shadowing area.
  • Current measurement integrated in the system, automatic identification and screening effective Isc (Crystalline silicon cell for Imp and thin-film cell 99% Imp)



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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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