Robustness of Terminations Tester for solar panels is important for ensuring battery quality when encountering external impact.

Perform standards: IEC 61215-2:2016, VDE 0126-5:2008, VDE 0126-3:2009. Include:

  1. Cable Anchorage Tester:
  • Test subjects: cable anchorage
  • Motor control off-centre pulley rotation
  • Pivot point: Height adjustable
  • Fulcrum point: adjustable
  • The cable is pulled for duration of 1s, 50 times without jerks in the direction of the axis.
  • Pull forces for cord anchorage test: 30N

2. Cable Torsion Tester:

  • Values for torsion test: 0.1N·m
  • The rotating pointer: torque value of direct reading test mandrels shall consist of a metallic rod with an elastomeric sheath having a hardness of 70 Shore D ±10 points in accordance with ISO 868. A tolerance of ±0.2 mm for mandrels up to and including 16 mm diameter.

Principle Test:

  • Retention of Junction Box on Mounting Surface Tester
  • The tests described below shall be performed on specimen that have successfully passed the previous stress tests. During test, there shall be no displacement of the junction box at the mounting surface impairing isolating characteristics.

– A force of 40 N shall be gradually increased and applied for 30 min in each direction parallel to the mounting surface.

– A force of 40 N shall be gradually increased and applied for 30 min without jerks, in a direction perpendicular to the mounting surface.

  • The pull force should be applied at the centre point of the box.


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