Servo Hydraulic Test Systems is manufactured and development for all industrial fields: Automotive, aerospace, railway, medical engineering, shipbuilding and others.

SincoTec has a wide choice of servo pneumatic standard and special test systems. This test technology is predestined to carry out uniaxial as well as multiaxial single step or multi step tests.

Servo Hydraulic Test Systems includes:

1. Muilti-axel servo hydraulic systems perform tension, compression and torsion tests

  • Servo-hydraulic load frame:


– Nominal load tension* (kN): ± 100 ~ ± 125

– Nominal load torsion* (Nm): ± 2,000 ~ ± 4,000

– Height (mm): 3,400

– Width (mm): 1,250 ~ 1,500

– Depth (mm): 1,100

– Max. length of sample (mm): 1,000~ 1,500

– Weight (kg): 3,000 ~ 4,700

  • 2-axel test:

  • 3- axel test:

  • 4- axel (muiltiaxial) Test:

2.  TestPilot Control System

– Intuitive operation

– Flexible control usability with 1-4 channels

– Combined control of servo-hydraulic, servo-pneumatic or electromotive actuators

– Used intelligent PID-control algorithm, Frequency: 0.01 – 250 Hz

– Display set up value and drive signal

3. CoPilot Software:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Communication with multiple control systems TestPilot in Windows
  • Single operation and synchronized multiaxial operation with one PC
  • Data storing in the ASCII format and e-mail function.

4. Steering testing system:


  • Max. load amplitude: ± 15 kN
  • Max. stroke: ± 125 mm
  • Max. torque: ± 100 Nm
  • Height: 2,500 mm
  • Width: 5,000 mm
  • Depth : 2,500 mm
  • Weight : ~ 9,000 kg





























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