Cutting presses for plastic and rubber


Specimen Cutting Presses for Plastic and Rubber Materials

1. Pneumatic press model EP 02:

EP 02 is a compact air compressor, preparing test samples with plastic and rubber materials in the laboratory. The device is mounted on a rubber base without attaching to the table. In addition to rubber and plastic materials, the cutting machine EP 02 can also cut materials such as fabrics, paper and similar materials. The EP 02 has a cutting force of up to 25 kN, can quickly change the die cutting system, when cutting the sample with curled or non-planar shape, users can use the EP guide 04.04.

EP 02 includes the following options:

  • Pneumatic cutting press – EP 02;
  • 2 cutting hooks – EP 02.01;
  • Guide bar – EP 04.04

2. Manual Cutting Press model EP 08

Machine similar characteristics:

  • Pneumatic cutting press
  • EP 082 cutting hook – EP 08.01
  • EP navigation bar 04.04

3. Specimen Rotating Knives model EP 03

Specimen Rotating Knives, EP 03, are sharp to give excellent samples when you cut out your test specimens from sheets or finished products. Test specimens often used for compression set, stress relaxation tests in compression and abrasion tests.
The rotating knives are manufactured of specially grounded hardened steel. They are used in a stationary drilling machine, against a soft base material and the test material should be lubricated with ethanol or propanol during the preparation.
– Sizes:

  • EP 03-10 – Rotating knife with 10 mm diameter
  • EP 03-13 – Rotating knife with 13 mm diameter (according to ISO 815)
  • EP 03-16 – Rotating knife with 16 mm diameter (according to ISO 4649)

4. Specimen Cutting Dies, EP 04

Manufactured in both standard and special shapes. Can be mounted on the cutting machine EP 02 and EP 08.

See detail information model EP 04

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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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