Drop-Ball Impact Tester


Drop-Ball Impact Tester  – ACES perform standards:
– UL 1703-2015 for module and junction box
– ISO 12543-2:2006 for toughened glass (option, not suitable for suede glass)
– ISO 12543-3:1998 for laminated glass
– VDE 0126-5:2008 for junction box mechanical strength at low temperatures test (option, standard test
method usd impact hammer)

Theory: the ball is specified in a certain height adjustment, free fall, blow and observe the damaged extent specimens to determine module, glass and junction box of quality


  • Balls quality:
    535g (UL 1703-2012): for module and junction box
    1040/2260g (ISO 12543) (option): for toughened glass / laminated glass
    Drop high: 200~1295~2000mm (0.2~2.0m range, adjustable)
    Note: 1295mm for UL1703, 1200 → 4800mm for thin-film module
  • Dropping ball position to cover the total module
  • Sucker of dropping ball: adjustable along the guide rail
  • Standard ball diameter: 51mm
  • Standard ball quality: 535g
  • Dropping point control: laser positioning
  • Ball drop control method:
    DC electromagnetic control
    Module fixture: adjustable
  • Shield: prevent drop-ball rebound
    Volume (W×D×H): about 50×50×210cm
    Weight: about 63Kg
    Power: 1
    , 220V, 0.5A

Test purpose:
A polymeric material serving as the enclosure of a part involving a risk of fire or electric shock and a superstrate material evaluated in accordance with 17.1(c) are to be subjected to the tests described in 30.2 and 30.3.

Test for module:

A module or panel is to be mounted in a manner representative of its intended use, and is to be subjected to a 6.78J impact normal to the surface resulting from a 51mm diameter smooth steel sphere weighing 535g falling through a distance of 1.295m. The module or panel is to be struck at any point considered most vulnerable. If the construction of a module or panel does not permit it to be struck free from above by the free falling sphere, the sphere is to be suspended by a cord and allowed to fall as a pendulum through the vertical distance of 1.295m with the direction of impact normal to the surface.
Pass criteria: When a module is impacted as described in 30.3, there shall be no accessible live parts as defined in Accessibility of Uninsulated Live Parts, Section 15. Breakage of the superstrate material is acceptable provided there are no particles larger than 6.5cm
2 released from their normal mounting position.

Test for polymeric wiring enclosure:
The test is to be performed on the enclosure at 25°C and also after being cooled and maintained for 3h at a
temperature of minus 35°C.
+25°C pass criteria: The junction box no broken
-35°C pass criteria
After the junction box be broken, unable to contact to the conductive parts (usd a test
finger conduct accessibility test)

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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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