Servo-hydraulic Systems Median


The Median range of servo-hydraulic systems meet practically all the requirements of metals, composites and plastics testing for strength, durability and toughness.

Servo-hydraulic Systems is backed up with a wide choice of application software, transducers and accessories that satisfy the requirements of most standard test practices applicable to such tests. Median system accessories cover the requirements of room and elevated temperature testing of metals for tension and compression properties, low and high-cycle fatigue, fracture and fatigue crack growth. Accessories are also available for testing of composites under ambient and controlled environments for shear, tension/compression and fatigue and testing of joints and fasteners for strength and durability under a wide range of loading conditions,
including constant amplitude, programmed block loading and simulated service loading.

∗ Standard features

• 0–100 Hz cycling frequency
• Hydraulic lifts and clamps
• 50/100/150/250/300/500/600 kN force rating
• 150 mm actuator stroke
• Adaptable to wide range of fixtures & grips
• Actuator on fixed bottom crosshead
• Electronically servo-controlled variable flow, variable
pressure, low noise, energy efficient pump
• Up to 40kHz,32-bit digital closed loop control
• 32-bit data acquisition
• Frame stiffness 600 kN/mm
• User friendly MTL-Windows software with dedicated application software
• Provision for user to program in software

∗ Test Applications
– Fatigue Crack Propagation
– Fracture Mechanics
– Low and High Cycle Fatigue
– Tension, Compression, Flexural
– Low and High Temperature Tests
– Elastomeric Property Determination
– Workability and Formability

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BiSS hoạt động kinh doanh như một đơn vị độc lập của công ty  Illinois Tool Works (ITW), một công ty lớn có 200 trụ sở ở Chicago, IL, USA và hàng trăm chi nhánh trên toàn thế giới. BiSS (Bangalore Integrated System Solutions) carries with it, the experience of over twenty years of innovation that have made it a leading manufacturer of servo-controlled test systems and competitive provider of testing services. Most R&D establishments in the country and many multinationals rely on BiSS support to meet their requirements in testing for strength, performance and durability of materials and engineered components.

This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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