Mass Properties Measurement Instruments


Space Electronics provides a wide range of devices for measuring mass properties, gravity measurement, gravity, inertial moments.

1. Mass-measuring devices, center of large objects, spacecraft:

Measure the mass of large objects, spacecraft

The requirements for measuring devices for this object include: knowing the geometry, maintaining geometry in the entire load condition, selecting the force transducer with the appropriate sensitivity to support the measurement performance. To measure desirable, preserve sensitivity across the entire measurement and provide methods related to the spacecraft data for the instrument score.

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 WCG High-Accuracy Series

This tool uses a multi-point weighing method to simultaneously measure the weight and two coordinates of gravity. Users can rotate the download volume 90 degrees to get the third coordinates of the CG.

Applicable: Measure the weight of objects on 2,850 lb / 1,300 kg



SE8913 Small Payload Series – CG Measurement

Double-axle CG, load less than 33 lb / 15 kg. SE8913 devices measure CG positions of objects weighing up to 33 pounds.

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2. Inertial torque measurement

–  XR Production series (Detail)

– GB High-Accuracy Series (Detail)

– XKR Small Payload Series (Detail)

– Aircraft Control Surface (Detail)

3. Mass Properties Instruments

– KSR CG/MOI Series (Detail)

– MP Weight/CG/MOI Series (Detail)

– InTenso+ Weight/CG/MOI/POI Series (Detail)

4. Dynamic Balancing Instruments

– POI Spin Balance Series (Detail)

– FBD Dynamometer Series (Detail)


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Raptor Scientific

Raptor Scientific (trước là Space Electronics) cung cấp các thiết bị đo lường thuộc tính khối lượng và bộ kiểm tra mạch cho việc phát triển  ngành hàng không, vũ trụ, hệ thống phòng thủ và ô tô. Các thiết bị mà Raptor Scientific cung cấp đảm bảo các yêu cầu kỹ thuật, độ chính xác cao, độ an toàn, tính đột phá, độ tin cậy.

This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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