Pendulum Impact System CEAST 9050 series



Pendulum impact system CEAST 9050 is designed to test the impact of elastic materials. Tests are in accordance with international standards of Charpy, Izod, Pipe and impact test methods. Metal, composite and plastic materials can be tested using various configurations of pendulum 9050.

Features of CEAST 9050

The 9050 tester consists of a single-block metal structure, test parts such as hammers, clamping tools, high-resolution supportive touch screens. The monolithic frame allows for increased pendulum stiffness, test parts can be changed by hammers of different sizes and supporting accessories. In addition, the multi-touch screen is used by the operator to insert and select test parameters, see the results. In the engine version, control and automate the pendulum.

Connection ports on all versions of the model include 1 Ethernet directly connected to the customer’s network; 1 USB for printer and flash memory; 1 RS232 for PC direct control and analysis of results. The hammer is attached to the frame with a quick-change connector, their speed is measured by the magnetic encoder. In addition, safety guards are equipped around pendulum.

CEAST 9050 Motorized Model

This version has standard pneumatic-operated brake and hammer systems. The hammer reset is done with a motor, allowing for faster, easier to use results. In addition, the grip feature helps prevent samples from breaking in the second Izod test.

CEAST 9050 Manual Model

This model is as flexible as the engine version, has many similar options and fits many of the same standards. However, the hammer reset is done manually, the brakes are made by the user.

Testing at ambient temperatures

The properties of impact test are affected by temperature. Plastic materials will be brittle at low temperatures and more malleable when temperatures rise. Determining the transition temperature of brittle and flexural levels is important to many polymer-related applications. Features a comprehensive impact on all tests at different temperatures.

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Refferal: Impact Testing Mtorized series MPX



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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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