Stress Relaxation Testing System Elastocon


Stress relaxation testing system for continuous measurement of rubber in either compression or tension. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.

Our relaxation test system, which is used by customers all over the world, consists of different components. This is a way to increase the flexibility in the system and a way to facilitate the possibility to find the perfect match to your testing needs, both in size and other features.

A complete relaxation test system requires the following components:

1. EB 02 – Stress relaxation rigs

Bộ gá thử chùng ứng suất

  • The ISO standards recommend 3 samples of each material per temperature, but 2 are ok.
  • The rig works together with the cell ovens EB 21, EB 22, EB 23, the programmable temperature cell ovens EB 17 and EB 23LTP, or with our temperature boxes for test at room temperature and below.
  • Different types of relaxation rigs
  • EB 02 – Compression testing at temperatures up to 200 °C (ISO 3384)
  • EB 02HT – Compression testing at high temperatures up to 300 °C (ISO 3384)
  • EB 02HF – Compression testing with high forces up to 45 kN (45 000 N) at temperatures up to 200 °C (ISO 3384)
  • EB 02TE – Tension testing at temperatures up to 200 °C (ISO 6914)
  • EB 02TEHT – Tension testing at high temperature up to 300 °C (ISO 6914)
  • EB 02AP – Acid proof material for testing in liquids and compression at temperatures up to 150 °C, including air tight liquid container and compression plate (ISO 3384)
  • EB 02SA – Super acid proof material for testing in liquids and compression at temperatures up to 200 °C, including liquid container and compression plate (ISO 3384)
  • EB 02ALE – Compression testing with possibility to exchange liquid and air at temperatures up to 200 °C.

Download catalog Stress Relaxation Rigs

2. EB 02.14-x -Amplifier Box

Bộ khuếch đại Elastocon

  • The amplifier box communicates via a network connection. This means that the amplifier can be directly connected to the network connector on a computer, or anywhere in a local ethernet network.
  • The box can also have up to 24 channels or connect 12 relaxation rigs.
  • X = number of rigs that can be connected to the amplifier box, available in sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 rigs per box.

3. EB XX – Cell ageing ovens

Cell ageing ovens specially designed for stress relaxation tests. Elastocon offers cell ovens for testing in elevated temperatures, cycling temperatures or temperatures below laboratory temperature, and also two temperature boxes for room temperature or below.

Includes model: EB 17, EB 21, EB 22, EB 23, EB 23 LTP, EB 02.08, EB 02.25

The oven also has an intergrated draught hood that eliminates the changes in the force during the test due to temperature changes in the enviroment around the top part of the rigs. The hood is made of polycarbonate, and has a temperature control system (Peltier cooling system) capable of keeping the temperature within ± 0,25 °C.

4. EC 05 – Relaxation Testing software

The stress relaxation software EC 05 evaluates results from relaxation tests according to ISO 3384 and ISO 6914.

The EC 05 is a user friendly software where many functions can be made with a click of the mouse. After some easy settings you start the test and the program will help you all the way to the finished test report. The software works for stress relaxation tests both in compression and in tension.

5. ED 04 – Computer, to run the Relaxation Testing software.

6. ED 06 – UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), double converter. The computer and the amplifier box is recommended to be connected to a UPS power back up.


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Elastocon được thành lập năm 1987 tại Thụy Điển, là một trong những hãng sản xuất thiết bị hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực kiểm tra vật liệu cao su và nhựa. Hãng đưa ra những thiết bị với phương pháp thử nghiệm hiện tại và phát triển các thiết bị với các phương pháp thử nghiệm mới. Mục tiêu của hãng là đưa ra các thiết bị với độ chính xác cao và đưa ra được các kết quả chính xác. Các phương pháp thử nghiệm của Elastocon là cắt nén cho việc chuẩn mẫu, tủ lão hóa, hệ thống thử chùng ứng suất, lò nhiệt độ thấp và nhiều hơn thế nữa.

This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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