Environmental test cabinet Kesternich


Features of VLM Kesternich environmental testing cabinet:

  • VLM environmental testing cabinets meet the highest safety standards
  • Use SO2 gas manually or electronically
  • The test cabinet is made of steel and has a compact design
  • The heating device helps to quickly and evenly heat the test chamber
  • Compartment ventilation with compartment SO2
  • Test gas has a high repeatability
  • CWC system for controlling automatic water condensation.
  • Adjust fan speed for aeration stage to control sample drying time.


  • EN ISO 6988
  • DIN 50018
  • ASTM G 85

Simple operation

The modular design of the VLM test chambers allows easy addition of the DOSICORR® MD options long after the chamber has been fitted.


SO2 is a toxic gas and for this reason the safety of operators is of utmost importance. For this reason it is recommended that:
– The test is conducted in a well ventilated room
– SO2 bottles should be kept in airtight containers made of special flame retardant material specially designed for this purpose (VLM can supply this item)

Process control of the environmental test cabinet

– The standard Kesternich test consists of two phases within a day cycle from the presence of gas (SO2).
– The standard gas dose volume for Kesternich tests is 2 liters per test cycle (an extended test cycle is usually about 24 h).
– The Kesternich test is based on water corrosion, at the beginning of the test, 2 liters of SO2 were added to the 300 liter test chamber. SO2 gas is introduced into the test chamber by hand or by automatic machines. The water in the test chamber must be refreshed after each inspection cycle.
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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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