UV Preconditioning Testing Chamber


UV preconditioning is an irradiance test used to find out to which extend solar panels are susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and consequently performance losses.

This extreme condition test, which is mostly applied during solar panel certification and research, is usually performed before the thermal cycle and humidity freeze tests.

The UV preconditioning test is performed at a temperature of 60°C ±5°C, while subjected to UV irradiation (UVB and UVA+AVB).




IEC 61345:1998




IEC 61215:2005




IEC 62108:2007




IEC 61646:2008




IEC 61215-2:2016




Note: In IEC 61646:2008 for thin-film module, need “a load sized such that at STC the module will operate near the maximum power point”, but IEC 61215-2:2016 without this requirement. This is because if use UV-high pressure metal halide lamps or filtered xenon lamps to carry out this experiment need a load, but ultraviolet fluorescent lamps do not need.

System integration many technical highlights, such as centralized control, automatic dimming, servo drive, full panoramic scanning, automatic monitoring irradiation uniformity, database system etc.

With touch control screen, full automatic, high precision system loop (lateral and longitudinal drive), Any mechanical action, by PLC locking. Including radiation probe Automatic full panoramic scanning, irradiance automatic integration, data acquisition and storage, automatic storage scanning data etc. Irradiation uniformity: better than ±15%.

A calibrated UV irradiation sensor (NIST trace to the source), mounted on the transmission shaft, for IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61646:2008 to 280~385nm and 280~400nm irradiation measurement. 280~320nm to total UV ratio measured by spectrometer.

A special guide rail, can easily push and pull module.

Uniform temperature distribution, maintaining the module temperature at 60°C±5°C.

Ultraviolet fluorescent lamps are cold light source without lower than 280nm UVC irradiation, to avoid the photochemical reaction of ozone synthesis, is important test conditions for IEC standard.

UVB and UVA ultraviolet fluorescent lamps, respectively for 280~385nm and 280~400nm test.

The lamps distance adjustable, asymmetric arrangement, easy to adjust the irradiation uniformity.

IEC 61215:2005 UV spectral distribution                           IEC 61215-2:2016, 61646:2008 UV spectral

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This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt

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