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What are the advantages of the additional torsion test system for the Instron 5900 series?

The additional torsion system is simply designed, increasing the capabilities of your lab – allowing you to expand product development and simulate real-world applications of the product.

For many international standards, such as ISO 11040-4, ISO 80369 and ASTM F543, both shaft and twist control are required, allowing you to consolidate the necessary equipment and streamline the testing process. . It is perfect for testing the performance of a wide range of consumer products, packaging, medical equipment, electronics and automotive components.

Simulate the real world for your product:  

Functional testing is all about simulating the use of products in your real world. Many consumer products, especially packaging for pharmaceuticals, food, makeup, etc., are subject to simple multi-axis loads. Ensuring the consistent quality of end-user experience is crucial for the development and long-term success of the product.

Speed up the product development process:    

When developing new products in the medical and electronic equipment industry, it is important to ensure the durability of products under two-axle load. Many companies isolate test only shaft tests or just twist tests. However, by combining both tests, laboratories can reduce the total testing time and accelerate the product development process.

Saving test space:  

The test space is released by adding the ability to twist into a machine with a traditional shaft only.


  • Did you mean: Công suất mô-men xoắn: Lên đến ± 20 Năm hoặc ± 177 in-lbf 57/5000 Torque capacity: Up to ± 20 N-m or ± 177 in-lbf
  • Angle resolution: 0.001º  
  • Maximum angular speed: 60 r/minute  
  • Power: single phase, 47/63 Hz, 120 or 220 VAC
  • Operating temperature: +50 to 100 ºF or +10 to 38 ºC

So what’s new in the 2.0 torision system?  

  • The new hardware is controlled by Bluehill Universal and Testprofiler software, providing the development of a simpler and more intuitive control of bearings and twists. In addition, calculations include force, torque, displacement and rotation measurements.
  • The design of the test system is compact and space-saving.

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