Wireless Vibration Logger

Manufacture: Chief Si

VSSⅡ can measure three-axis acceleration, leveling angle, temperature and humidity. It’s only 4mm thick and very light. 8" and 12", two sizes are available.

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In fab, any impact, friction, or shake will cause wafer damage even particle pollution. You worry about equipment operation not smoothly. You are not sure if equipment is due for maintenance. You need to evaluate the repaired equipment meets the original accuracy?

Let VSSⅡ help you if you have the above issues.
- It can measure the robot/ FOUP/ stocker/ OHT… vibration when transporting wafers
- It can completely record the vibration during operation process with high sampling rate.
- VSSⅡ can be used to check if the equipment operating smoothly or when the equipment needs to be maintained
Furthermore, VSSⅡ use to evaluate vibration of the equipment before and after repair. To ensure smooth operation of your equipment, avoid process problems and wafer damage, let VSSⅡ help you from now on.

- Wireless measurement, continuous recording up to 4 hours.
- Built-in sensor, it can measure three-axis acceleration, leveling angle, temperature and humidity.
- Software for spectrum analysis, angle analysis, trend analysis.

 Application: AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), FOUP, OHT, Wafer stocker, Wafer robot

- Sampling rate: 125, 250, 500, 1000 samples/sec
-  Operating temperature: 0°C~60°C (±0.3°C)
- Humidity: 0%~100% RH
- Processing functions: YT, Spectroscopy, Statistics, Angle analysis, Vector sum, Vibration displacement, Fault detection